In 2020, we created the virtual conferencing with the „look‘n‘feel“ of on-site lectures - made by ESTENSIS.

The new virtual format for scholarly exchange,
virtual lecture hall with fixed schedules incl. start and end times,
almost the same character + „look‘n‘feel“ of on-site lectures,
intercom for chairpersons and speakers incl. video footage,
a „lecture hall“ for pre-produced content + live presentations,
agenda like on-site session, introduced by a moderator,
collection and discussion of questions live,
online voting via conference app or web front-end,
experts can remain available in a chat right after a session,
online submission of content prior to a virtual session,
guided reherasal for presenters + chairpersons,
disciplined sessions, guided by a moderator,
trained staff will elevate this online experience

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