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We are your full-service technology vendor, close partner and a consultant for PCO’s and scientific societies. Our approach to be the cornerstone of your conference success is way more than just advanced technology and enthusiastic and skilled staff. It is our passion for your daily business and it is our commitment to inspire you! Take advantage of more than 20 years of experience, more than 300 familiar venues world-wide, more than 1,800 facilitated conferences and almost 1 million managed digital presentations.

Let us be your reliable partner, your quality-focused friend. Let us be your “Conference-Buddies”.

Why „Buddy“?

The „buddy system“ is a well-known safety- and supporting procedure in companies and organizations, in scientific education and in sports. It means having a reliable partner and friend at your side, who always takes care of your needs and who ensures that you can reach your goal in the safest and most effective way. Our aim since 1996.

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ESTENSIS has been supporting conferences all over Europe - and world wide - since 1996.
We are a full-service technology vendor, a close partner and a consultant for PCO’s and scientific societies.

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