Who are ESTENSIS and why have they been in conference business since 1996?

The story began, when ESTENSIS was founded in Berlin in 1996 (formerly founded as MASH GmbH): a young and dynamic vendor for network solutions and IT hardware concepts. We took our first small steps in conference business in the late mid-90s and had a turning point in 1999: for the first time, customers required temporarily installed IT hardware and conference technology for scientific conferences outside Berlin.

ESTENSIS developed a rental system for the European market and – especially for scientific conferences – a digital slide management system, to ensure a smooth and reliable speakers’ data- and presentation management.

First overseas projects started in 2006 and ESTENSIS’ daily business means taking care of projects in Europe and all over the world, e.g. Barcelona, Lisbon, Amsterdam, London, Denver, Vienna, Chicago, Vancouver, Singapore, Hongkong, Macau or Rio de Janeiro.

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